Bitchin’ Camaro

$ 160.00

An ode to the Camaro!

The title of this series of prints is from the Dead Milkmen album, Big Lizard in my Backyard, released in 1985. Bitchin’ Camaro, is the best-known song from that record. The images are printed from photographs taken from my husband's Camaro at times of repair, where it was bitched at much more than it was bitchin’.

Each set contains 8 prints: a title page, 6 small close ups, and a larger image of the car. The paper was first mono-printed with drippy oil like stains, then the images were photo etched with chine-collé and finally the text was letterpress printed.

The 2 available sets do not come with the portfolio box pictured (only one of these was made), they will be packaged together in a clear sleeve with a rigid backer.

Title: Bitchin’ Camaro
Year: 2006
Medium: monoprint, photo etching, chine-collé, letterpress
Size: each 8 x 10 inches
Edition size: 3

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