Green Bird Press is a small letterpress printing and bindery operation in Bend, Oregon with a modern, minimalist, often geeky, approach to design. All letterpress products are hand printed on my Vandercook and Kelsey presses using a combination of handset type and custom metal printing plates. Various ready-to-purchase designs including cards, coasters, recipe cards, and limited edition prints are available along with a variety of custom monogram and wedding notecard designs. All journals are one of a kind hand bound books using traditional binding techniques with blank paper suitable for writing or drawing.

My product offerings are constantly changing as I add new designs so check back to see what's new! I’m also open to working with clients on individual custom projects, contact me if you are interested.


Who is Green Bird Press?
Green Bird Press is run by myself, Susan Porteous, with help from my green cheek conure, a cute and fluffy, often annoying, little green bird named Stormy. Although the little one came up with the press name and lent her image to the logo she really isn’t much help—she’s too small to operate the press and can’t be around even the least toxic inks and chemicals. So while Stormy is napping, squawking, chewing, and generally being a bird, I take care of the rest of the business operations.


My studio is located in an awesome space called The Workhouse in Bend, Oregon with several other amazing local artists and I can be found working there several days a week. When I'm not in my studio, I'm usually helping my husband run our board game shop, Modern Games, just down the road. A place where people can pick up the latest board game or meet up with friends to hang out, play a game, and have a drink.

What is Letterpress?
Letterpress is a relief printing process, using handset type and raised plates, traditionally made from metal or wood, which are locked into the press, inked, and pressed into the surface of a sheet of paper transferring the ink and leaving a physical impression. Letterpress printing has been around since Gutenburg invented moveable type back in the mid-15th century as an alternative to calligraphy. For many years it was the main method used to mass produce the written word but over the course of the 20th century it was replaced with offset and digital printing technologies in the commercial printing world.

At Green Bird Press, I strive to keep the old process alive while incorporating digital technology when I find the need. Text is usually handset from my small collection of lead type while images are designed digitally and made into magnesium plates. There is something equally satisfying about placing each individual tiny letter, comma, and space in a line of text by hand or seeing something you designed on the screen as a physical object that you can print from.

The printing process itself is done entirely by hand—text and image are laid out and locked up in the press, ink colours are mixed, and each sheet of paper is individually fed into the press to be printed. For work printed in more than one colour the press is then cleaned and the process repeated with the new form and colour. The process of pressing the type or plate into the paper causes an impression you can feel but in an effort to protect my press and prolong the life of my type this impression is not overly deep. Printing is a time consuming process, and since each piece is created by hand there can be slight variations in colour, registration, and pressure, but I believe that’s what makes letterpress prints so unique and beautiful.