A Few Mushrooms Letterpress Print - 12" x 18"

$ 50.00

A letterpress print of a few mushrooms from common edibles like the morel and chanterelle to the highly poisonous death cap mushroom. From left to right: Shaggy Ink Cap, Chanterelle, Oyster Mushrooms, Death Cap, Shaggy Parasol, Delicious Milky Cap, King Bolete, Morel, and Fly Agaric.

Size: 12" x 18"
Paper: 100% cotton paper
Printing: letterpress (mushrooms from magnesium plates and text from handset metal type)
Ink colours: multiple (this print went through the press 12 times to add all the different layers and colours)
Packaging: clear protective sleeve with backer board shipped in a rigid mailer


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